Herbs and Spices

Our herbs and spices give your specialist products their distinctive flavour and aroma. From lemon pepper and cinnamon sticks to onion powder...


By combining the best herbs and spices, we help you to respond to trends and flavour preferences.

Taste Sensation

Campagnard, Pikanto, Chorizo... With our Taste Sensations it is easy adding variety to ready-to-cook or seasoned mince products.


We offer wet marinades as well as dry marinades. The wet marinades are oil- and water-based. The Dry Glazes and Dry Flavours are our dry marinades. For a distinctive colour, flavour and appearance!


We have an extensive range of culinary sauces, cold and warm-up sauces. Because sauces give the finishing touch to a dish.

Breadcrumb mixes

The product that provides extra bite and a crunchy mouthfeel. Breadcrumb mixes offer many variation possibilities and are suitable for many uses in your range of products.


With our additives you are able to make a top-quality product with a traditional appearance. Think of Alvero B, sea salt and various oils for grilling...

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