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Perspective on Wild & Poultry

Game has a naturally distinctive flavour and character, so your added value as a specialist lies in the subtle additions you yourself make. We can help you add exactly the right culinary touches to enrich this lean and tender meat. For example, you can use our Cinnamon and Cranberry Dry Glaze or our Game Marinade. And our delectable spices, sauces and marinades will ensure that master poulterers like yourself can always turn chicken, turkey and other poultry into something really special. Something that’s just what your customers are looking for!
Our product range
Our specialities

Our specialities

Culinary Orange Sauce

Orange sauce with the flesh of the orange

Oriental Sauce with vegtables

yellow Asian sauce garnished with vegetables and fruit

Chicken Seasoning Special

complete mix for poultry grilling products

Chicken Sausage mix

mix for fried chicken sausage

Marinade Game All-in

Brown water-based marinade with Provencal herbs

Cranberry Sauce NR

cranberry sauce
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We have been working with Degens’ chicken herbs for 32 years. At the Kippaleis we use these herbs to season our chicken wings. The chicken herbs have a light, sweet flavour and contain delicious spices such as lovage, fenugreek and turmeric.