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Perspective on fish

As far as versatility goes, fish is just as good as meat! With our herbs, spices, marinades and sauces we will open up a whole new world of inspiration for you and your customers. Your strength as a culinary professional is the presentation of various kinds of fish that your customers are unable to find anywhere else, plus the traditional methods of preparation you give them. Seasoning, marinating, salting and smoking. Seasoned in a different way every time.
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Our specialities

Our specialities

Marinade Phantasy

Salmon-coloured water-based marinade garnished with paprika and parsley. For fish gyros, among other things.
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Fish specialist
Hugo van der Meij
Degens’ products are not one-hit wonders, they are here to stay. I have been seasoning my products with Degens’ high-quality fish herbs for more than 30 years. It is a good, basic seasoning that can be used with many kinds of fish. It gives my products that extra touch which ensures that my customers keep coming back.