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Perspective on fine foods and delicacies

What a pleasure it is to be occupied with enjoyment at the highest level! Regardless of whether it involves discerning palates or special occasions; if it has to be special, they will come to you for products that you have selected and put together with a great deal of care and attention. People will have high expectations of you as a caterer and we would like to help you meet those expectations with a wide range of herbs and spices and with daily, fresh inspiration for surprising applications, techniques and recipes.
Our product range
Our specialities

Our specialities

Taste Sensation Bacon

seasoning with lightly smoked bacon

Taste Sensation Campagnard

seasoning with farmhouse herbs as onion and parsley

Garlic Sauce Espana Classic

creamy garlic sauce

Cranberry Sauce NR

cranberry sauce



Fillet/Prepare sauce Garni

red preparation sauce garnished with delicious, fresh onions, sweet peppers and capers of the highest quality

Taste Sensation Italian

seasoning with the Italian flavours of fennel seeds, black pepper, mustard seeds and paprika
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Baarles Specialiteitenhuis
Our regional representative from Degens visits us regularly and surprises us with new ideas for recipes. For example, we use Degens Hotchpot mix for our egg salad and for the homemade onion bread we use the Degens Bruschetta herbs – this gives the finishing touch.