About us

Mission & Vision

Degens focuses on the specialist in traditional fresh products and would like to concentrate on knowledge, innovation, high-quality products and support. In this way we can help the specialists in fresh products to distinguish themselves from the supermarket segment with our products.


Degens believes in pure, natural products and develops easy-to-use herbs, spices, sauces and marinades for professionals. Our culinary professionals and high-quality products help the specialist in fresh food to present his products, thus helping him to better distinguish himself in the market.


In the future we will continue to work passionately on our products. We will do this in solidarity with the specialist in fresh products and together we will raise the traditional fresh product to a higher level. We respond continually to trends in the market and offer creative solutions that lead to original and bold concepts. Degens is and will remain an authority in the field of product and market knowledge and we will continue to fully share this knowledge.